Steph is an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and founder of the Emotional Freedom Academy where she is able to share EFT education with the world. Steph has 15 years experience as a Wellness Educator & Coach including being a Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Yoga Instructor.


With all of her experience, she found the missing component to success for most people is the emotional component behind lifestyle choices.  This is why she has fallen completely in love with EFT, created “Tapping with Steph” YouTube channel, and is passionate about helping others break through limiting beliefs with these powerful and life changing tools.


She also is the Author of “From Heartbreak to Soulmate with the Magic of Tapping” on the DailyOM and teaches EFT level 1 & 2 here in Sacramento, Ca and via Zoom

Some of my

My Services.

Working 1-on-1

Schedule your own private EFT session with Steph. Find Emotional Freedom from within. 

The Academy

Enroll in one of my online courses and clear your blocks using EFT. Work at your own pace. 

Become a Practitioner

Train with Steph and become an EFT Practitioner yourself. Gain confidence & be able to lead others with EFT.

My Why.

I am here for you. My mission is Emotional Freedom for people, communities, and the planet. Getting to the “it” underneath, to the root that is causing suffering, and pulling that sucker out so it doesn’t grow back. Creating Peace, from the inside out, was the way I found my inner awesomeness, self-love, purpose, and abundance. I am a here to help you find yours, because your gifts are too important not to share with the world.

What Is EFT?

Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): EFT is a gentle and effective way to discharge emotional distress, negative thoughts, and repetitive patterns so we may be present for our lives. It can disarm our fear response, so we may let go of distress and not continue to replay it, re-enact it, and recreate it in our day-to-day lives. Emotions all have their purpose, they just become a problem when they get stuck, or it doesn’t feel safe to express them. This a quick, practical and painless method that WORKS and can create freedom from our triggers and lessen our suffering.

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting/Hacking Reality is a masterful way of using EFT to replace the negative core beliefs that limit our potential, and eliminate the emotional burden of traumatic memories. Matrix provides the most exciting, profound level of change work available today. We can actually find where the limiting belief is coming from and create a whole new picture that will be empowering in your life. It is pretty groovy... 

Client Feedback


"I cannot recommend this EFT with Steph highly enough. She has a lighthearted yet compassionate way of helping people to navigate through the simplest to the most complex issues with ease. She very tenderly helped me realize that the big scary issue really wasn't the issue but rather the way I was looking at it and the energy I was spending on it. She helped me to shift both my perspective and my energy literally within minutes. The beauty of tapping is that it can be done anywhere at any time for any reason and has immediate benefits. I am so grateful for having learned this beautiful healing modality and beyond grateful for having Stephanie as my teacher."

Monica B. 

Essential Oil Goddess & Mama Bear 

“Steph is an amazing teacher and energy healer! For the last several months, I've been regularly working with Steph weekly through EFT & Matrix Reimprinting  sessions. I've healed current issues easily and taken deep dives with Matrix to heal past emotional triggers that were interfering with my sense of well-being. The benefits of her work are amazing. I asked Steph to lead me through a "tapping chakra tune up" in our last session... and felt issues simply dissolve away. As a result, I'm more focused, less stressed, and positive in my outlook. Thanks for the energetic tune up Steph!”

Cynthia G.  

Writer & Coach 

"I highly recommend working with Stephanie! I experienced AMAZING results from our session together. As an EFT Practitioner myself, I choose carefully who I work with as a client. Stephanie’s grounded presence made me feel safe and her sense of humor made the session as entertaining as it was productive. She’s truly a remarkable practitioner!” 

Victoria V. 

Holistic Health Practitioner