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Natural Remedies For Teeth Grinding

Are you grinding your teeth, particularly while sleeping? Waking up in the morning with a painful jaw? Are you being kept awake by your partner’s constant gnashing, grinding and clenching of teeth all night? Does your jaw make a popping noise? Are you concerned your child may grind his teeth down to nubs?

Getting a Better Nights Sleep with EFT 

Everyone has had trouble falling asleep from time to time. Many people however, struggle with this night after night, after night. It is almost as if an internal alarm goes off at 9:30pm saying “Hey it's time to worry about everything that is out of your control at this very moment when it is time to sleep"

Affirmation Based EFT Tapping

Are you one to use affirmations?⁠

I ask because I know a lot of folks who have been working with affirmations for many years, and they are left feeling a bit disappointed.⁠

Well I want to tell you about a little affirmation EFT trick. The thing is, for most people, what they are really affirming is the "Tail-ender" of the affirmation. What comes on the tail-end of the affirmation. ⁠

EFT Tapping in your daily Self-Care or Wellness Practice

EFT can be an excellent vehicle for self-care because you can use it for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It is easy to incorporate (if you know how to guide yourself) because you can do a short and simple practice in just minutes a day.


My question for you: Do you have a daily self-care or wellness practice right now? 


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